Ebay Marketplace MIP: Choosing a Template


Ebay MIP offers several standard feed types which are available as templates in DataFeedWatch.

These templates have both specific and overlapping functions. This gives the user flexibility to pick and choose templates depending on their business needs.

Template names and functions

Template Name

Template Function


add and update product details (SKU, Title, Product Description, UPC, Brand etc.)


add and update quantity information for products at specific locations


apply business policies (payment, return, and shipping) and pricing information


upload product, availability, and distribution information in one feed


update the prices and available quantity of products already on the eBay site


specify local store or warehouse locations


delete one or more SKUs from MIP and/or delete one or more listings from the eBay site

Template use cases:

Initial upload of products to Ebay

  • Use individual Product, Availability, and Distribution templates together
  • Use the Combined template by itself

Update listing descriptions only (eg. title, descriptions, images - excluding price and quantity)

  • Use the Product template

Rapid price and quantity updates to existing listings

  • Use the Inventory template
Unsure which template to use? The Combined template contains all the critical information needed to create listings like product details, price, available quantity, and business policies.

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