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Difficulty level: Beginner.
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Recapitalize enables you to change your text to uppercase, lowercase, or it can simply be capitalized.

You can select the length of words that you would like to apply your changes to.

What is more, you can create conditions to specify which products you'd like to recapitalize.

To use Recapitalize, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Scroll down to find the field you would like to map (e.g. Title)
  2. From the first drop-down list next to it, select a basic mapping type (e.g. Rename)
  3. In the next field select the Input Field or Internal Field that you would like to use
Please note that Internal Fields (that are already mapped for the whole shop) will only be available in Map Fields tab.
  1. Click Edit values on the right
  2. From the Mapping type drop-down menu, select Recapitalize
  3. From the Text to drop-down menu, choose one of the options (lowercase, UPPERCASE, or Capitalize)
  4. In the input field For words longer than below, enter the number of characters up to which this option will not be used

Case Studies:

Imagine you'd like to change your title from GPS TRACKER to GPS Tracker.

From the first drop-down menu, choose recapitalize, from the second drop-down menu choose capitalized, and enter 3 in the input field.

This way, GPS will not be modified, but TRACKER will be changed to Tracker

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