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Adding Categories (Categorize Products Tab)

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Categorize Products tab allows users to assign categories. It is usually one main category, and individual categories for product types based on fields or specific rules that can be specified here. The main category will be assigned to all the products without detailed category assigned to them.

Categorization is another factor that increases the quality of your feed.

You can also assign categories in the Map fields tab. For products with a category assigned both in Map Fields and here – Map Fields will have a higher priority and it will be used instead.

Categorize Products: Default Category

To assign the Default Category for your feed, follow the steps below:
  1. Go to the Mapping page of your channel
  2. Click on Categorize products
  3. Click on the Default category input field
  4. Start typing and select the relevant category for all of your products (e.g. Apparel & Accessories)

Categorize Products: Detailed Categories

Below you can assign specific rules manually or automatically.

You can also combine the manual and automatic method. But please keep in mind that rules added manually will have a higher priority than the auto-generated rules.

Add rules manually

You can add multiple conditions to assign specific categories to the products meeting them.

To manually assign categories, follow the steps below:
  1. Click the Add category button
  2. In the Categories input field, start typing and select the relevant category (e.g. Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Outwear > Coats & Jackets)
  3. Select the field that is important for categorization (e.g. description)
  4. In the next drop-down list, select the relevant condition that will be useful (e.g. includes)
  5. In the next field enter the text important for categorization (e.g. coat)
  6. To add also other products to the same category choose or and do the same for another text (e.g. jacket)

Auto generated rules

You can also automatically generate categories for the products in your feed. You just need a field in your Input Feed with product categories in it.

To automatically assign categories, follow the steps below:
  1. Select the Auto generated rules tab
  2. Choose the field where your product types/categories reside (e.g. category_0)
  3. To generate rules, click the Generate button
  4. Type in a few letters and select the best category for each product type

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