Feed-Based Text Ads: How to create better text ads?

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You can only create the best text ads if you have the right fields in your data feed. So make sure that you have added all fields that you need in DataFeedWatch. Use ‘Custom fields’ to create any field you need. Examples:

  • Product_name_only: Your product name may contain too much data: create a new field like ‘Product_name_only’ and make sure that only the essential parts are in there.
  • Product_type_only: the Category may be Men’s > Golf > Jackets, but you want it to be Jackets or Men’s Golf Jackets. Create new field like ‘Product_type_only where only ‘Jackets’ is extracted with a regexp or where the “>” is removed.
  • Synonyms & Misspellings: if you have enriched your feed with synonyms of your product types or misspellings of your brands or products, you can create additional templates to include those as well.

To create additional fields, just go back to the channel Google Text Ads in the DataFeedWatch and add custom fields. Then refresh the feed in the tab ‘source file’.

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