Uploading Data Feeds to Pricegrabber (FTP)

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  1. Log in to your Pricegrabber Merchant Account
  2. Go to Your account > Feed format
  3. Select the following options
  • Do you have a product data feed? Yes
  • Is the feed visible from a website / URL? No
  • Is your complete feed larger than Mb? Yes / Maybe
  1. Enter the filename for your data feed, and click Save Changes
  1. Log in to your DataFeedWatch Account, and click the name of your shop, and then Add channel
  2. Enter your FTP credentials
  • Hostname: ftp.pricegrabber.com
  • Username: your Pricegrabber Merchant Account username
  • Password: your Pricegrabber Merchant Account password
  • Filename: filename from the step 4
  1. Create a data feed
Please make sure that the status is OK.

The feed will be now sent to the server automatically every day just after your products are uploaded to our system.

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