Feed-Based Text Ads: Bad words

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Bad words are words that Google does not accept as keyword or in your text ads. There are 3 type of bad words:

  • Trademarks
  • Pharmacy policy
  • Other bad words

Google will disapprove these ads or keywords.

What to do if you have badwords?
  1. Remove the badwords from your campaign 

Find the badwords in your feed or in your campaign (it could be in a specific field like brand or title) and remove them.

  1. Replace the badwords

You can bulk-replace a bad word in all places where it occurs, by just entering a replacement in the right hand column.

  1. Request exemption

Google keeps a list of which retailer is allowed to use which trademark.

If you are using e.g. a trademark that is not on this list (yes, it could even be your own trademark) you can file for exemption. Just tick the box in front of the bad words that you want an exemption for and then select Request exemption for selected from the pull down at the top of the page.

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