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Difficulty level: Beginner.
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Replace single value replaces a fragment of text in the field from your shop with a new text.

This feature works in a way similar to Find & Replace.

To use Replace single value, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Scroll down to find the field you would like to map (e.g. Brand)
  2. Click Edit values on the right
  1. From the Mapping type drop-down menu, select Replace single value
  2. In the first Input field, enter the text that appears in your shop
  3. In the second Input field, enter the new text to appear
  4. Click Done
If Combine is used, specify in which field to make the replacement.

Optimization Case Studies:

Dots instead of exclamation marks in your titles
Some Channels do not accept exclamation marks in the product titles and descriptions. If you do have exclamation marks you can use the “replace single value” functionality to get rid of them.

Your domain instead of the Shopify shop address in the URLs
For Shopify shops, the Shopify domain is provided in your shop settings. This means that the URLs will include that address, instead of your shop's domain.
Using the Replace single value, you can easily replace that address with your official shop address.

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