Feed-Based Text Ads: What are the campaign limitations?

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AdWords limitations: 10,000 ad groups

AdWords does not allow more than 10,000 ad groups per campaign. So if you have more than 10,000 unique products in your feed, Google Text Ads will automatically create multiple campaigns (product, group or DSA campaigns), to be able to create more than 10,000 ad groups

AdWords limitations: 25,000 products in DSA campaigns (auto targets)

An AdWords account can contain a maximum of 25,000 auto-targets. So the total number of products in all your DSA campaigns in your Google Ads account cannot be more than 25,000.

This is an AdWords limitation that we cannot change or shortcut. But we can advise you how to deal with that:

You have many useless auto-targets

Remove all ad groups with auto-targets that you can do without. Or just remove the entire DSA campaign and upload a new version (with fewer auto targets) from the Google Text Ads.

You just have a lot of relevant products

  • If you have variants: merge them in your feed to parents. That saves a lot of products;
  • Make sure you have product campaigns. The more eligible products you have in the product campaigns, the fewer you will have in your DSA campaigns;
  • Prioritize: Have DSA campaigns only for the best performing shops or categories or products
  • If that does not solve it for you: create an additional Google Ads account so you have another 25,000 auto targets.

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