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Data analysis is one of a digital marketing strategist's most important areas. The solid database helps us make the right decisions, create a realistic marketing strategy, monitor the trends, prevent surprising decreases, and many more. 

As we want to meet our users' needs and make their daily work easier and more effective, we introduced the Feed Analytics tool into the scope of our services. 🎉

With Feed Analytics:

  • You will keep all data from data multiple platforms in one place.
  • You will get advanced yet straightforward to interpret reports to share with your team.
  • You can forecast the future campaign performance to make the right decisions.

Try it out during the 90-day free trial, and make the most of your data reports! the subscription fee is $75 per month.


How to get started with Feed Analytics?

  1. Log into your DataFeedWatch account. 
  2. Head to Shops
  3. To access the Feed Analytics landing page:
    1. Click Learn More on the banner you can see on the left-hand navigation.
    2. Or open one of your shops and head to the left-hand navigation.
    3. Then go to Other Services, and tap on Feed Analytics.

  1. You’ve got two options for getting started with Feed Analytics:
    1. Start a 90-day free trial. - This option will redirect you to the form, where we ask you for your contact details. Next, indicate the day that best suits you for your onboarding call.
      We’ll contact you to get you started and help you set up your account so you can make the most out of Feed Analytics.
    2. Book a demo call. - This option enables you to schedule a book call to explore the possibility of Feed Analytics before you decide to start your free trial. 

How can Feed Analytics positively impact your daily operations?

Feed Analytics allows you to connect all the platforms that you advertise on to get one complex report on your campaign performance. 
  • You can connect your Google Analytics 4, Google Ads account, Meta Ads, Microsoft Ads, and many more.
  • You save a lot of time since you can collect and monitor all the most important data about your ad campaigns in one place.
  • You can get a holistic view of how your campaigns are going overall.
  • Some essential data may get past you when jumping from one tool to another. Having only one source of truth allows you to catch everything.
  • You don’t have to learn more tools. 

Feed Analytics provides a complex report on your ad campaigns to share with your team.
  • The easy-to-read charts will improve data interpretations and facilitate data analysis across the team.
  • You will get an advanced yet very straightforward data report to interpret. 
  • It will ensure you invest in the right campaigns and indicate which to improve. 

It helps you forecast future campaign performance.
  • Data analysis is the only way to learn how our feed marketing campaigns perform and whether we should improve our strategy when working with data feeds. Based on the Feed Analytics reports, you can keep track of the trends and set realistic and achievable goals.
  • You will get a solid foundation to make the right decisions

If you want to learn more about Feed Analytics, don't hesitate to contact our support or book a demo call directly. We'll be more than happy to talk with you 💙.

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