Feed Quality Score in DataFeedWatch

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What's Feed Quality Score in Your Channel's Quality Check?

Here's how we see your overall setup in DataFeedWatch, and as a result, how your fresh product data looks.

Note that we're checking only your setup quality. This way we're letting you know what settings can be adjusted and improved.

But since you're here, you're probably curious about how we calculate this? Here's the list of factors.

  • First, we look at what is the percent of products with errors (⬅️ this one's the most important)
  • But we also check the rate of errors or warnings for one product
  • Then there's the percent of products that are ready to go
  • And the percent of those with some warnings

We take all of them, and then our analysts do the magic to show you this as one number only. ✨🎉

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