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The final version of Price Watch is now available for all Data Feed Watch Users

You only need a Google Shopping channel, and you're ready to get started with a free 15-day trial.

Price Watch allows you to monitor competitors' prices for the same products you sell.

Select the products you want to compare, and Price Watch will show you:

  1. Your cheapest competitors.
  2. The exact difference between your competition’s prices and yours.
  3. The prices your competitors offer for each product.
  4. How each product's price ranks compared to those of your competition.

Also, you can review the prices of the particular product that each competitor offers.

Having such a solid database of your competition is fundamental to easily beat each and every of your competitors.

So, don’t hold back. Try Price Watch out during the 15-day free trial, and start staying ahead.

How to get started:

The tool is available for Data Feed Watch users that advertise on Google Shopping.

To begin your experience with Price Watch:

  1. Go to your shop.
  2. On the left-hand panel, hover down to the Price Watch tab.
  3. Click on it, and follow the instructions within the tool.
  4. If you need more information about how to install Price Watch, visit our article :)

Do you want to know more about our Price Watch and how to make the most out of it? Book a call or send us an email. We’ll be happy to talk with you 💙.

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