BigCommerce Upgrade – Why and how do I upgrade my BigCommerce shops?

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Why and how do I need to upgrade my BigCommerce shops?

BigCommerce announced they will no longer support the current API version 2 connection method your shops are using. They actually even plan to sunset it completely soon.

More about the plans of BigCommerce in their Dev Center: Deprecations and Sunsets article.

Thus, we will ask you in our App to upgrade the shops you may have added some time ago to the newest API connection available. If you fail to upgrade some of your shops on time, we will switch them all to the new method on 16 Jun.

To upgrade your BigCommerce shops:

To check the shops we have upgraded, skip to step 4.
  1. Log in to your account, and in the Shops page, click Go to Upgrades
  2. In the Upgrades screen, switch your shops by clicking Upgrade Now for each of them
  3. To confirm the Upgrade, click Yes, Upgrade Now
  4. Click on your shop's name to check the status of your channels
New connection method in this case means a change in how we will download fields from your shop. The biggest change here is that BigCommerce no longer allows having GPS fields, so these may disappear.

If you still have any doubts, reach out to our Support on chat or by email.

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