How to open incorrectly displayed CSV files in Microsoft Excel?

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In DataFeedWatch you can export many CSV (Comma Separated Value) files that can be used to preview or upload your data to other platforms.

Yet it happens sometimes that Microsoft Excel does not handle the opening operation well and makes changes to the file. So the file contains not what you expected, and it still isn't correctly displayed or divided into columns.

To open a CSV in Microsoft Excel:
  1. Open the file with Microsoft Excel
  2. On the bottom, click the + button to create a new Excel sheet and open it
  3. Select Data > From Text/CSV
  4. Navigate to the CSV file and select Import
  5. In the Import Wizard, click Load

You should now see a spreadsheet with the imported data divided into the relevant columns.

If you have made changes, remove the incorrectly loaded sheet, and save the file as CSV.

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