Feed-Based Text Ads: Will Google Text Ads service overwrite manual changes that I make in AdWords?

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Ad groups, Keywords and Text ads

DataFeedWatch makes changes to your campaigns continuously, based on the changes in your feed. But if you make a manual change in Google Ads to any of these, DataFeedWatch will NOT overwrite the change.

Bids (max. cpc)

You (or your bid management tool) are probably making changes to your bids in Google Ads all the time. DataFeedWatch will NOT overwrite any of these changes. The only thing you can change in the DataFeedWatch is the default cpc.

Budget, Bidding Strategy, Territory & Language

DataFeedWatch does not overwrite any changes that you make in Google Ads. But please note that if you make a change in the DataFeedWatch, that change will be uploaded to your Google Ads account and then it will overwrite whatever is there (that makes sense: if you change anything in DataFeedWatch, you want it to change).

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