Adding Order Management

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To benefit from the advantages of Order Management, follow the steps below:
To use Bol Order Management, you need to have a Magento or Shopify shop connected to DataFeedWatch.
  1. Please check if you have the Bol API channel added. Name: (Offers feed)

The Order Management option should be available under Other services section on the left

  1. Go to Order Management > Settings
  2. From the right of marketplace menu, click Add Orders
  1. In the Order Installation option, you can choose from which date you'd like to start importing orders from
  2. Please read the extra information on the right
  3. Click Install
  1. Login to your Shopify or Magento shop

  1. Authorize DataFeedWatch to access your Shop's account data to use Order Management

  1. Please wait for DataFeedWatch to import your current order data from your Shop (especially if you've selected a date much earlier then today)
If you're redirected to Step 2, please check if your Offers feed channel has the correct API information.

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