Adding PrestaShop (Module)

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To add your PrestaShop shop, follow the steps below:
  1. Start with installing DataFeedWatch Module following the steps below:
    If you have more than one shop in the admin panel, change the shop and repeat the steps below.
    1. Download our DataFeedWatch Module.
    2. In your PrestaShop's Admin Panel, go to Modules > Module Manager
    3. In the upper right corner, click Upload a module
      Module Manager View
    4. Browse and find the module file, and wait for it to install
    5. In the Module Installed box, click Configure
      Module Installed box
    6. Click Go to DataFeedWatch
    7. Click Add Shop
  2. Log in to your DataFeedWatch Account > Shops > Add shop
    1. Enter a Name for your shop
    2. In the Main Feed section, choose PrestaShop
    3. Enter your shop's address
    4. Provide the Autorization Token from our Module
  3. To continue to Updates Schedule tab, click Next Tab
    1. From the drop-down, choose your timezone (e.g. UTC, Central Time, or London)
      Time is money, so this setting may be quite important. Remember 3 PM may mean different time of gathering your data if you chose London, and different for Sydney.
    2. Use Add Another Update button, to add more than one daily update times
      If you need more downloads that what's available for your plan here—you'll easily do that after you add this shop, in Shop Settings.
  4. To continue to Internal Fields tab, click Next Tab
    1. For each field on the left, select a main mapping type from the first drop-down
      You can just check and accept our suggestions where available.
    2. From the second dropdown, choose one of the attributes from your shop
    If you'd like to change and optimize your product attributes, try using also our IF Conditions and Edit Values options.
  5. To create a shop, click Finish

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