Adding Feed from Other Sources to Your Shopping Cart Main Feed

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If you’re here, you probably know that you can combine data feeds from different source files to incorporate the complete information about your products into one data feed. We call this procedure: merging

From now on, you can also combine the main data feed from the shopping cart with the feeds from other sources. It allows you to enrich your shopping cart product feeds with additional valuable data.

It is not possible to merge two feeds coming from shopping carts. 

As distinct from merging the different source files, you can not merge your main data feed from a shopping cart with the data feed from other sources when adding a new shop

First, you must add and set up a new shop and then change the settings in the Shop Settings.

Take a look at the following steps to go through the merging process seamlessly.

To merge your main data feed from other sources with a shopping cart data feed:

In case you want to combine your data feed from the shopping cart in your existing shop, open such a shop and follow the steps starting from point 3.
  1. Add and set up your new Shop.
  2. Open the shop to which you want to add the additional feed.
  3. Go to the Shop Settings.
  4. Go to the Input Feed.
  5. Click on the button +Add Another Feed in the bottom left corner. 

  1. Select another source from which you want to extract additional data feed.
  2. Insert the link to the source location.
  3. Click on Save Changes.
If you don’t want to upload the same data twice, you can merge product attributes from the main feed with the same attributes coming from the additional source.

For instance, if your main feed includes an attribute ID in the same-named column, and your additional source file has exactly the same data, you can merge them into one.

This way, you avoid repetitions and keep your final feed well organized. 

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