How to check the performance of product titles during A/B Testing in Google Analytics.

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When running campaigns, A/B testing of titles can help get important information about the performance of the data feed.

Google Analytics allows you to view the testing results, which can help you make the right decisions about your feed marketing campaigns.

This function requires eCommerce setup in Google Analytics. For details, go to Set up Ecommerce Tracking in Google Help Center.
To verify titles performance in Google Analytics, follow the steps below:
  1. Log in to your Google Analytics
  2. Hover over the left-hand navigation to open it.
  3. From the navigation, select Reports.
  4.  Next, click on Engagement, followed by Landing Page.

  1.  Click the Add comparison + button just above the Landing Page report.

  1. The comparison builder will slide out on the right. 
The default rule condition should appear as ‘Include.’ However, makes sure it is so before setting up the condition. If not, change the rule to Include by clicking on the drop-down.
  1. To select a dimension, click on the field: Select dimension.
  2.  Look for the Landing Page + query string among the options. To speed it up, start typing this term in the fields. It should appear immediately. 
  3. As a dimension value, insert ab_version=A
  4.  Next, select All values containing ‘ab_version=A, which appears below when you insert the value.
  5. Click on Apply.
  6. You will see the newly created comparison on the list.
  7. Click on the +Add new comparison label below the existing comparisons.

  1. Repeat the steps from 8 to 11 from above, but as a dimension value, insert ab_version=B.
  2. Remember to select All values containing ‘ab_version=B, before applying.
  3. Click on Apply

  1. To get a concise report, remove All users from the scope of comparisons.
    1. Click on the vertically aligned dots on the All Users label to open the menu. 
    2. Select Remove comparison
  2. All set! You can close the Edit Comparisons navigation and head to the results.
  3. You will find the metrics related to the performance of product titles in the first two rows of the report.

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