Adding Users: User and Admin Type

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You can change the the scope of permissions of your Users according to your preference.

And you can also grant Admin permissions. Such User will have right to give any permissions to others.

Here's a list of permissions you can grant:


You can't choose anything here. Admins just have all the rights of the Account Owner, like managing plans, users, and billing and invoices.


Can add, edit, and delete shops, and their Internal Fields

Choose this option to let others manage your current and future shops. This also means ability to edit the Internal Fields for your shops.

Can sign up for, edit, and uninstall the Analytics service

Give your user access to our Analytics, which is available for free. This also means they can edit the settings, or even resign from it.

Can access the Google Text Ads service

Give your user access to our paid option, Google Text Ads. This also means they can edit the campaigns, or even resign from the tool.

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