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Feed-Based Text Ads: Feed Optimization Checklist

To optimize your Feed-Based Text Ads Campaign, check the following

Check your feed

  1. Run Feed Review to check the quality of the feed
Pay particular attention to the following elements:
- Map fields
- Visual inspection
- Titles: are key elements, such as brand, present in your titles?
- Did you add fields that you need in your ads?
  1. In/Exclude
Did you exclude out of stock products?
  1. Merge
Did you merge variant products if you have any?

Check the campaigns page

  1. Campaigns
All 3 campaign types should be present.
  1. The number of eligible products in the Product and Drop campaign
If it is only a very small portion of the total number of products, you can check the following reasons:
- Variants are not been merged into parents;
- Very generic words used in the titles (you will see many clicks and no conversions for this products in the AdWords Account);
- Too long title;
- Per Partes used and the system still learning which keywords to use.

Check the Product Campaign

Keywords > Truncating

Is Truncation turned ON?
Is the proper match type selected: Broad Modifier & possibly Exact.

Keywords > Tag combination

Do not include the title.
Should only be used for very specific fields that consumers search for and that are not present in the title (like a model number, UPC, etc.).

Ad Creation

You should have at least 2 ad patterns.
Are your ad patterns working for >80% of the products?
Are all fields (Headline1-3 + Description-2) filled out (properly)?
Are you using any extensions?

Campaign settings

Is a strategy selected?
Are maxCPC and budget set?

Check Campaign Statistics

Is each campaign getting impressions, clicks, and conversion?

Check your Google Ads account

Do you have pre-existing campaigns that overlap with the campaigns in DataFeedWatch?
Compare the performance of your pre-existing manual campaigns with the automated campaigns.

Deeper Analysis

Run the same checklist for the Group Campaign and the DSA campaign.
Consider adding a BPT required.
A regular check of the campaigns. You need to check and analyze your Text Ads campaigns just like you analyze and optimize manual campaigns.

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