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Shop Statuses

Shops in our Shop List always come with the current status. This includes whether or not the products could be imported and updated, but also possible shop configuration issues.

Apart from the tooltips, you can check the options column. Read more in Shop Options Overview.
Continue button will appear there if your shop needs further steps to be successfully added.

List of Shop Statuses


Status Type


When it appears and what to do next

Shop OK

Everything is working just fine! Your products are available and up-to-date.

Your products are ready and synced with your shop. No need to do anything ony our side. You're fine!

Shop Paused

This shop is paused, so we won't download fresh products for now. To unpause it, go to Shop Settings.

To get fresh product data, go to Shop Settings and unpause it.

Shop Failed

The processing of your products failed. Check your product file or shop. For details, reach out to our support on chat.

Probably the shop you have added is was not available for us to download. Our support is probably already working on it, so you can check your email, or ask them for the update on chat.

Internal Field Issue

An internal field is missing, or not properly mapped. This may be due to your product feed or other mapping file change. Go to Internal Fields and fix your rules, so it doesn't cause errors in your channels.

Internal Fields are required and often used in your channels. Be sure to check them, and make sure your channels are properly updated.

Installation Pending

Your shop is added. Now finish the connection by installing our bridge or plugin.

To get your products from a Shopping Cart, we usually need a plugin or bridge installed on your side. This status means we can't find it and access your products.

Merge Pending

You've added more than one product file. We need you to add more details to merge them.

This status will only appear if you add more than one input feed. Click add more details or go to Shop Settings, and tell us how to combine them.


We couldn't access your product file. You can check the file yourself or wait for us to try again.

We're trying to access your input feed after we couldn't access it. We will try three times, and then our Support Team will investigate what is going on.


We're downloading your products now. This may take a little while.

Downloading status means we're importing your input feed. The duration will depend on how many products there are in the shop. It can range from minutes to hours for the largest shops we have.

Feed Issues

We couldn't read your products. Check if your file or shop is accessible and if its format is correct. Reach out to us for more details.

Our support is probably already working on it, so you can check your email or ask them for the update on chat.

Add Shop Pending

You haven't finished adding this shop. Finish the Add Shop wizard to get started.

There are steps remaining in the process of adding this shop. Click on your shop's name and proceed with adding it.

Products Drop

The number of products in your feed dropped. To update your products, upload a new feed. Meanwhile, we’ll use your latest uploaded feed.

You have the Products Drop Protection activated on your account. This warning appears because the number of your products dropped below the number you have set. 

Check your shop, and find out what could have caused the drop. Once you sort out the issue, upload a new product data feed with the correct number of products.

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