Configuring Feed Review: Validators

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On Settings page, you can find the below-described validators, that can be configured and adjusted at any time. Such configuration will in most cases be pre-defined, according to the needs of specific channel.

Empty values validator

In the Empty values validator section, you can configure which fields shall be checked for empty values.

  • All—All the values from your shop are checked
  • Only selected—Only the values you specify are checked (for example, if you would only like to check individual fields, such as price)
  • All except selected—The selected values are ignored (for example, you can ignore fields which can be empty, such as sale price which applies only to part of the products)

Uniqueness validator

In the Uniqueness validator section, you can configure which fields shall be unique for every product.

GTIN validator

In the GTIN validator section, you can specify the name of the field with GTIN, unique for every product. The GTINs are checked using checksum verification mechanisms.

Predefined value validator

In the Predefined value validator section, you can configure the fields which shall have specific values—because other values will not be accepted.

(For example, Google does not accept in the field Gender any other values than Male, Female, Unisex).

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Configuring Feed Review: Settings