Offers Feed: Adding Bundle Prices

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Bundle Prices option allows changing the final price for the given quantity.

For example, you can offer a better price for clients who buy 6 pieces of the given product. To list the products covered with such promotion, you can use is in list condition.

To add Bundle Prices to your feed, follow the steps below:
  1. In DataFeedWatch, find your shop and Offers Feed channel
  2. In the Mapping page, scroll down and click Add Optional Field
  1. From the list on the left, select Bundle Prices and click Add field
  1. For the new fields, select IF > Is in list to add the option to only a portion of products (or All if such condition is not needed)
  2. In Quantity field, provide the number of products in the bundle
  3. In Price field, provide the standard prices and reduce them using Edit Values > Recalculate (or choose a field with reduced prices)

When the feed is uploaded, Bundle Prices will appear on your product page.

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