Shops Overview

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Shops Overview

Shops allow you to add your product feeds to DataFeedWatch. You can later add a channel, and use the data for optimization and advertising.

In the Shop List view, you can immediately check the current status of your shop, and other important shop details.

You can also access your shops, and the features available for them, like Analytics, Google Text Ads, Price Watch, Amazon Marketplace. There's also a search option, to filter the shops by ID or name!

Use Options column, to perform actions on your shop, like Shop Settings, Copy Shop, Shop Products, etc.

Columns Description

In the Shops view, you can check your shop's current status, and the following other details:




Identification number of your shop in DataFeedWatch. Use it when reaching out to our support.

Shop Name

The name of the shop you have added while adding the shop.

Source Link

Address or name of your source. Click the button in this column to view the details, and check your product feed added to DataFeedWatch.


Type of your product file, or the name of your shopping cart platform.


This column shows if the shop has our Analytics or Google Text Ads installed.


This is simply the number of products imported from your shop. Note that all product variants will be counted as a separate product.

This number will be used for billing purposes. Go to Account > Plans to check the number of products you are paying for.

Last Update

The date and time when we've imported your products the last time.

Shop Status

Shows the current status of your shop.

For details about the Status of your shop, check our Shop Statuses Overview article.


This column shows:

- Number of channels (redirecting you to the channels list when you click on it)

- Actions available for your shop (Shop Products, Import Input Feed, Export Input Feed, Internal Fields, Copy Shop, Edit Shop, Delete Shop, Shop Settings)

- Continue button when adding your shop requires further actions

For details about the Options available for your shop, check our Shop Options Overview article.

Adding a shop

  1. Click Add Shop, then specify your source details
    Details in Adding Shop article.
  2. Choose how often to update your products in Updates Schedule step
  3. Assign values to Internal Fields (Library) for the added shop, later used in your channels
    Details in Internal Fields section.
  4. Add your first channel
    Details in Adding a Channel article.

Most common types of shops to add

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