Ebay Marketplace MIP: Adding Marketplace & Settings

Marketplaces are where you create products and manage listings. Marketplaces are organized by country and marketplace platform.

For example, you can add a marketplace for Amazon Germany, and separately a different marketplace for Amazon Canada.

To add marketplace:
  1. Log in to your DataFeedWatch Account
  2. Click on your shop's name
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Add channel
  4. Select the country and Ebay Marketplace MIP 
  5. Provide FTP credentials
    1. Leave the drop down as the default (sftp//:)
    2. Leave the first input field as the default (mip.ebay.com)
    3. Enter your Ebay username into the Username field
    4. Enter your Ebay FTP token into the Password field
      1. Go to www.mip.ebay.com and login with your Ebay credentials
      2. Find the token on the Settings > FTP setup tab of your MIP dashboard
    5. Leave Passive mode checked inside of DataFeedWatch
  6. Click Add Channel to complete the setup

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