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Feed-Based Text Ads: Setting Up a Google Text Ads Feed

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To set up your Feed-Based Text Ads, follow the steps below

  1. Create a Text Ads Feed
    1. In Google Text Ads, click Feeds
    2. Name your feed (optional)
    3. Click Add a Text Ad Feed
  1. Map fields in your feed
    1. In the Map Fields tab, scroll down to find the field you would like to map
    2. From the first drop-down list next to it, select the basic mapping type you would like to use
    3. In the next field select the Input fields (copied directly from your shop) or Internal fields (already pre-configured at the stage of shop creation) that you would like to use
    Product name: This is the most important field of this feed. It will be used to create keywords and text ads. Combine brand and title and possibly other data if relevant.
    Title should include Brand + Product Name + Gender + Size + Color & if there is any information missing you can always add it in the mapping.
    For Text Ads, the longer the keyword the lower the search volume, that is why we don’t recommend to use sizes or even colors in the title. It is also the reason why we strongly recommend to advertise Parent products only.
    Include (optional or custom) fields for data that you need to create keywords and text ads, such as color, product type, gender, etc.
  2. Choose the products in your feed (Include/Exclude Products tab)
By default, all the products from your feed are sent to the channel. But here you can choose to exclude or include products based on simple rules. In the example above we have created a rule to Exclude products that are out of stock.
  1. Merge the Product Variants (Merging Variants tab)

a. To merge variants, please select the second option and click go back to mapping, and map item_group_id there

It is always better to advertise the parent product—and not the variant.

b. Click Save And Proceed

You will be taken to Merging Variants option again.

c. Choose how would you like the merging to happen

If you click Predefined Fields you will see that we have already selected the best merging strategy for your feed.
You can still go ahead & make changes by selecting different options for every field.
Available options are:
- take the common part—Common value among Parent & Variant will be selected;
For example, if the parent has a title Running Shoes & variant has Running Shoes Black, only Running Shoes will be selected as its the common value among both.
- take the value of the first variant—Value from the first variant will be selected;
- list all values—Values from all the variants will be listed in one field;
- take the lowest value—Lowest Value among all the variants will be selected;
- take the highest value—Highest Value among all the variants will be selected;
- sum up all values—Final value after summing up values from all the variables will be selected.

d. do the same for any Custom Fields you may have, and then click Save and Finish

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