Feed-Based Text Ads: Creating Landing Page Campaigns

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If you have created your own, SEO-optimized landing pages for certain groups of products (brands, product types, etc) you can use them in Google Text Ads as well.

To create your Landing Page Campaign, follow the steps below

  1. Create a Google Sheet (or a csv) with the following columns:
  • Product type or brand or whatever group you have the landing pages for
  • Landing page
  • Lowest price
  • Keywords
  1. Add a shop in the DataFeedWatch with that Google Sheet as source
  2. Create a text ad feed for this shop
  1. Next Connect to the same Google account as for your other campaigns
  2. Create a Landing Page campaign, by adding a new product campaign (not a copy of the previous product campaign) with the following settings:
  • Keywords: do not use truncation but create keywords by tag combination

This campaign will create an adgroup for each product type/brand with the corresponding landing page.

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