Feed-Based Text Ads: Creating Group Campaigns and DSA Campaigns

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  1. To cover ALL the search queries, create Group, DSA and BPT campaign for the same products:

  2. Create a Group Campaign
The Group Campaign will cover the generic search terms. A separate ad group is created for every keyword.
  1. Add a new campaign
  1. Copy settings from the corresponding product campaign
All the settings from the product campaign are now copied, so you only need to click Save & continue in every tab, with only one exception.
  1. Adjust Keywords

Since it is a group campaign, each truncated keyword will cover at least two or more products/variants depending on how many variants a product has. Each keyword will have its separate ad group as well as unique landing page.

A truncated product name can have 1-5 keywords, Exact Match is selected by default but you can use different match types to truncate keywords.

  1. Set your Landing page
Every adgroup contains a group of products, so each text ad should link to a Landing page that contains all these products. Check in your shop, what the URL of the Search Result page is.
  1. Then paste it in the tab for the Landing page
Please note: If you would rather use your own, SEO-optimized landing pages instead of the search page of your site, you can do that as well. Go to the Landing page campaigns to learn how to do that.
  1. Adjust the Text Ads
The text ads templates are also copied from the Product Campaign, but please note improvements for two fields:
Product Name is now Truncated Product name;
Price is now Price From.
  1. Create a DSA Campaign

The DSA campaign includes all products that do not have enough search volume (keywords not eligible). It is complementary to the Products campaign (that contains all products that are eligible).

In a Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) Campaign, keywords and text ads are generated automatically by Google. Products for which search volume is too low, will still be shown in a DSA campaign. 

All products from the Product campaign without enough search volume (no eligible keywords) will automatically be added to the DSA-campaign. To ensure that there will be no overlap between the Product campaign and the DSA campaign, all keywords from the Product campaign will be added as negative keywords in the DSA campaign.

  1. Copy the settings from the corresponding product campaign:

All settings from the product campaign are now copied, so you only need to click Click Save & continue in every tab, with only one exception.

  1. Set the description in Text Ads

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