Uploading Data Feed to ShareASale (FTP)

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In ShareASale, users have the option to automatically upload the their feeds via FTP.
  1. To set up your FTP access, you need to submit a “Ticket” from your ShareASale account
  2. There, provide the static IP address of our servers: and
  1. Now, log in to DataFeedWatch
  2. Go to your shop, and click Add channel
  3. From the first drop-down list, select the target country
  4. From the drop-down list below, select ShareASale
  5. In Display name section, provide your name for this channel
  6. Click Add channel
  1. Configure your Internal Fields and Channel mapping
It is important to do this first.
  1. Now go back to your shop, and click Edit channel
  1. Click FTP Options, and provide your FTP credentials from ShareASale
  1. Click Update channel
  2. Create a data feed

The feed will now be sent to the server automatically every day, right after your products are uploaded to DataFeedWatch.

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