Adding OpenCart

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OpenCart is another shopping cart platform available among various possible integrations within DataFeedWatch. 

Adding DataFeedWatch to your OpenCart will let you optimize your product data feeds to enhance visibility and boost sales.

Before getting started:

  • Log into the DataFeedWatch app.
  • Keep your OpenCart dashboard opened in another tab.
  • Have your shop URL at hand.

To add your OpenCart shop to DataFeedWatch, follow the steps below to go through this process smoothly: 

  1. Log into into Your DataFeedWatch.
  2. Head to the side navigation bar.
  3. Go to Shops.
  4. Click on the blue button Add Shop below the Shops list. 
  5. Introduce your shop’s name.
  6. As a main input feed, select OpenCart
  7. Once the Source Location drops down, introduce your shop source url link.
  8. Next, click the Get DataFeedWatch Connector button to download the file with the extension.
If you are using older versions of OpenCart, click the drop-down menu below the main button to select the corresponding connector for your version.
  1. Save the file. 
Remember to save a file under the name:
-> for the older versions than 4.x;
-> for the latest 4.x OpenCart version.

Any different file name versions may cause problems in the further stages. 

  1. Go to the OpenCart Dashboard
  2. On the left-hand navigation, go to Installer
  3. Once the Extensions Installer opens, click the dark blue button: Upload.
  4. Select the file you have just saved ( or
  5. Once your installation is complete, navigate to the side navigation and click on Extensions.
  6. Look at the main screen of Extensions. Click on the drop-down menu under Choose the extension type
  7. From the drop-down menu, select Modules.
  8. Once the Modules list opens, scroll down to DataFeedWatch Connector.
  9. As you can see, your connector status is Disabled
  10. Click on the right-hand green button + to install the plugin. The status changes to Enabled.
  11. Click on the Edit icon.
  12. Your Store Key will appear, ready to be copied.
  13. Copy Your Store Key, and go to DataFeedWatch to paste it into the corresponding field.
  14. Click on Next Tab to proceed.
  15. In the Updates schedule:
    1. Select the timezone of your updates.
    2. Choose at what time you want your updates to take effect.
    3. Choose how you would like us to inform you about possible product drops and set up the values according to your preferences. 
  16. Click on Next Tab to proceed.

Once we finish downloading your products, you can map your feed.

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