Ebay Marketplace MIP

Ebay Marketplace MIP: Overview

About Ebay Marketplace MIP. The Ebay Merchant Integration Platform (MIP) is a feed-based solution that lets merchants upload products to Ebay in bulk. MIP is for small business and enterprise sellers…


Ebay Marketplace MIP: Adding Marketplace & Settings

Marketplaces are where you create products and manage listings. Marketplaces are organized by country and marketplace platform. For example, you can add a marketplace for Amazon Germany, and separate…


Ebay Marketplace MIP: Choosing a Template

Overview. Ebay MIP offers several standard feed types which are available as templates in DataFeedWatch. These templates have both specific and overlapping functions. This gives the user flexibility…


Ebay Marketplace MIP: Mapping a Template

Below are the most critical fields you're likely to encounter in an Ebay MIP Marketplace template. Here we provide more context and help tips beyond those provided with tooltips ⓘ on the Map Fields t…


Ebay Marketplace MIP: Business Policies (Payment, Return, and Shipping)

Overview. Ebay business policies let you inform buyers of your payment options, shipping times, delivery services (including shipping and packaging costs), and whether you accept returns. There are t…