Adding Shops: Adding Feed Files

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Adding Shops: Adding Shopping Cart Platforms

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​Adding a Shop (Shopping Cart or Feed File)

To add a new shop, do the following: Log in to your DataFeedWatch Account. From the menu on the left, choose Shops. Click Add…

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Adding Another Feed (Merging)

Merging lets you combine products from more than one source file, or simply add more files than one. To add more files as one shop: In DataFeedWatch, click Add Shop. Type a name for your shop. Select…

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Shops Overview

Shops Overview. Shops allow you to add your product feeds to DataFeedWatch. You can later add a channel, and use the data for optimization and advertising. In the Shop List view, you can immediately…

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Shop Statuses Overview

Shop Statuses. Shops in our Shop List always come with the current status. This includes whether or not the products could be imported and updated, but also possible shop configuration issues. Apart…

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Shop Options Overview

Shop Options Dropdown. In the list of your shops, you can go to the Options column to perform operations on one of them. Actions Available for Shops. Option Description Internal Fields Takes you to I…

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How to Do a Shop Transfer?

It might happen that you would like to transfer your shop over to a different account. Before you start: Please ensure that account to whom you would like to transfer shop already exists in the DataF…

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Using Shop Products

To check the products imported to DataFeedwatch: In Shop List, go to the drop-down in the Options column > Show Products. Search for your Products. To select the fields to show, click Customize colum…

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Adding Feed from Other Sources to Your Shopping Cart Main Feed

If you’re here, you probably know that you can combine data feeds from different source files to incorporate the complete information about your products into one data feed. We call this procedure: m…

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